How to Repair A Pressure Washer Hose When It’s Bad

Handy man Pressure cleaning a roof.

A pressure washer looks like a complex device when you see it, but it is effortless to use. One of the major compartments of the machine is the pressure washer hose. The pressure washer’s hose is responsible for taking water in and out for cleaning. A pressure washer works with majorly water to help clean your surface or item. The water comes in from its source( usually a tap) through a hose. Now when the water is in, and the pressure washer has added some pressure to the water, the hose is the connector between the pressure washer and the nozzle that will be used for the washing.

However, a pressure washer hose is like any other machine part that can spoil after being used over a period. As long as you’re using a pressure washer, repairing the hose shouldn’t be a problem. When the pressure washer pumps the water, the pressure may be too much for the hose, leading to a hole in the hose. When this happens, it isn’t every time you need to call a technician. You can fix a pressure washer hose on your own if you follow these steps;

Turn off your pressure washer

The only way you can notice that your pressure water hose is terrible is when you see a leakage in the hose. At this point, instead of looking to confirm the leak from the hose, what you should consider first is safety. For safety, what you need is to turn off the pressure washer, whether you are using a gas pressure or electric pressure washer. That way, you can be sure that you are safe regardless of the damage to the hose. After switching it off, you can now confirm if the hose is really spoiled.

Get all water out of the hose and dry it

After confirming that there is a leak, you have to fix the leak. The first thing to do, however, is to clear all water out of the hose before you begin to work on it. There is something known as static electricity that can cause damage if you are not careful. This happens majorly in electrical pressure washers.

Make an opening around the leak area

After drying the hole, find the right spot of the leakage and cut to the two sides. Your cut should be a rectangular one at the top of the hose.

Buy a coupling material

To replace the place you have opened in the hose, you must use a coupling material. You can work into a store selling machinery to ask for a gate compression coupling. Be sure to confirm the size of your hose to buy the correct material.

Fix coupling appropriately

When you buy the coupling, you have to divide it into two parts, mostly known as the male and female parts. The male feature needs to be screwed in the clockwise direction while the female part is the exact opposite. You have to fix both parts well and seal your setting with tape. When you are done, you can now test the place you fixed.


Your pressure wash hose is one of the most crucial parts of your pressure washer. If you want to fix your pressure washer hose, you can follow the steps in this guide.


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